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Exclusive Program For SPR® Clients

How Can Auto Pilot™ Marketing Help Me?

Auto Pilot™ Marketing is designed to create a steady supply of qualified leads for your business. Auto Pilot™ can help you grow your business at a steady pace and at a super reasonable investment. Auto Pilot™ Commercial focuses on harvesting clients from the ever growing multi-family housing, retirement and hospitality industries or Auto Pilot™ Residential focuses on growing your online popularity with local search engines using our exclusive Search Engine Over Drive™.

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Retirement Communities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Government Housing
  • Military Bases
  • Dormitories
  • Residential and More

Will Auto Pilot™ Help Even In This Economy?

Not much today is resistant to recession. But a properly organized service business is more resistant to recession than many other businesses and is among the few that can actually grow in a down economy. Auto Pilot™ keeps you in front of your potential clients every month, all year, helping you gain Top of Mind Awareness with your key prospects. It is not IF, but WHEN this group will need you as they require your services no matter what the economy is doing. In fact, a down economy makes some of these clients more likely to call. With people trying to save money, many opt to service an item instead of replacing it. That is where we come in. And because we never know WHEN they will need you, we maintain regular contact. This ensures your phone to ring no matter what the economy is like.

What's Included In Auto Pilot™ ?

    Commercial Plan*
  • Monthly contact with your chosen future clients.
  • Great looking email blasts to get your message into their heads.
  • Over sized post cards to get your message into their hands.

  • Residential Plan*
  • Custom website with your local business information.
  • Search Engine OverDrive™, effective online advertising program.

  • Both*
  • 12 month enrollment in SPR University™.
  • Learn how to earn Double Digit Profit™.
  • Unlimited support to help you grow your business.
  • Nearly 70 years of combined expertise in the service industry at your disposal.

How Much Does Auto Pilot™ Cost?

Plans start at just $320* per month. Larger plans available. Call 770-966-1331 or Fill out form!

SPR University

You Will Be Enrolled in SPR University™

Online Refinishing and Business Classroom is designed to help you grow your refinishing business day after day, year after year. Here you will find tools and tips, exclusively from SPR®, that have helped many start and develop successful bathtub refinishing businesses. This is included with your 12 month subscription to Auto Pilot Marketing.*

Double Digit Profits

Double Digit Profit™ Program

The overhead of a refinishing business should be extremely low as far as most businesses go. You will learn to track and manage daily numbers and keep within your operating budget by using our Exclusive Digit Profit™ Portal. Included with Auto Pilot™.*

* Based on 12 month agreement. Add 10% for 6 month agreement and 25% for 3 month agreement. One month fee is required to establish account. Monthly Auto Pay is required using a credit card thereafter for the remainder of the agreement period.